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Artist Influences

Modern digital abstract art, specifically generative digital art, has been something that has interested me while I have studied at SCAD. I am more of a designer than an artist by trade, but personally I prefer to be inspired by traditional artists instead of designers. I find that when being inspired by designers, it’s very easy to want to mimic or reproduce aspects of their work instead of being inspired and using that inspiration as part of your work. I have been inspired by the following traditional artists specifically because their work reflects a generative form. Their work, either internally or externally, shows generative systems that are illustrated in their work.

Willem de Kooning

Jackson Pollock

Sol Lewitt

Scott Draves

My work focuses on interactive user interfaces, databases, and gaming systems. Generative systems that produce art is something that I have found that I want to include in my future work. Whether the generative systems that I use or create is based on the user’s interactions, predefined functions, or external data, the system can help give the user a unique experience. The user experience that is derived from a generative system is the focus that I want to bring to my work. Artists like Kooning, Polloack, Lewitt, and Draves used autonomous or generative systems to produce their artwork. Their artwork is both inspirational to me not just because of the aesthetics of the final artifact, but also because of the way they used their systems while creating their artwork.



Another area of inspiration for me is with visual story telling through paintings, sculpture, and games.  I believe that Raqib Shaw, Jonathan Blow, and Sid Meier are great story tellers because they use their medium to tell interesting stories in unique ways.

Raqib Shaw

Jonathan Blow

Sid Meier