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Thesis Abstract

The following is my thesis abstract:

Converting physical board games to a digital form using traditional point and click interactions with 2D interfaces fails to provide an intuitive game play experience that board game players are accustomed to with physical games. Physical board games have three-dimensional physical components like a game board, figurines, cards, and dice and the player’s interaction with these components is a substantial part of the player’s experience of playing the game.

Traditionally, physical board games have been converted using 2D interfaces with point and click interactions, and this limits the intuitive experience that a player would have with a physical board game. Using a 3D environment and the game components can be visualized in a more realistic way by using touch gestures such as swiping, tapping, and pinching. The player will be able to have a digital gameplay experience that is more intuitive and closer to the one they would have with a physical game.