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Thesis Prototype Action Plan

The objective of the visual component for this thesis will be to demonstrate how generative gameplay and gesture based interactions in digital board games can provide a single player with an experience that would be similar to playing physical multiplayer board games.

The visual component for this thesis will be a digital board game for phones and tablets.  This game will be developed in Unity 3D and playable on an iPad and an iPhone.  In ITGM-705, I designed a table-top action role playing game called Dragon’s Claw. This game will be used as the basis for the visual component.

This physical game will be converted to a digital app and will be fully playable for one player.  The game will use a 3D view of the board and game component pieces.  The player will be able to pitch zoom and rotate the board, and use other touch based gestures to play the game. The digital game will also simulate other players who will take turns during the game.  The generative component will show how simulated characters can learn from the user’s decisions.  This will provide different experiences for the player during multiple play throughs.

Action Plan

  1. The prototype for the visual component will be developed in Unity 3D and playable through a web browser.  The final version of the game will also be developed in Unity and will be playable on the iPad and iPhone.
  2. The board game artwork for the prototype will taken from Dragon’s Claw game.
  3. Additional artwork and assets, such as 3D character models and other game components, will be purchased and downloaded from the Unity Assets store.
  4. The player will be able to move their player around the board, however, the interactions the player can make with other characters in the game will be limited because this is just intended to be a visual prototype and will not be fully functional game.