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Game Design & Technology Influences


The following is a list of games and technologies that are either an inspiration or will be used as reference or technology in the development of my thesis research and visual prototype.

Table-Top Games That DO NOT Have Digital Versions

The following is a list of table-top board and card games that DO NOT have a digital version of the game.  Most of these games can be very challenging to learn for a new player.  An analysis will be done on these games to show how digital versions of these games can make them easier to learn.  Castle Ravenloft is also a thematic inspiration for the Dragon’s Claw game that will be used for the thesis visual prototype.

Table Top Games with Digital Versions

The following is a list of table-top board and card games that DO have a digital version of the game. It will be interesting to do a compare and contrasts of these games to see how the table-top version is translated to digital and how this can help or hinder the learning experience of the physical table-top version of the game.

Digital Only Table-Top Style Games 

The following is a list of digital-only table-top style games. Most of these games were designed with traditional table-top game mechanics but implemented without worry about translating the physical limitations in a digital space. Table-Top Simulator is very interesting to study from an interface point of view because it’s a great example of the type of three-dimensional interfaces the thesis visual prototype will use on the screen and in AR.

Digital Apps to Compliment Table-Top Games

The following is a smaller list of apps that are designed to complement the physical board and card game experience.  They are not designed to replace the physical gameplay but instead, it’s meant to compliment and add to the experience for the player.

Software Development Platforms for Visual Prototype

The following is an initial list of technologies that will be used in the development of the thesis visual prototype. Vuforia is a Unity plugin that enables AR development which will be a component of the visual prototype.  I’m expecting this list to grow during development because additional Unity plugins will probably be used.




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