Thesis Blog

Updated Visual Timeline and GAP Analysis

I’m finishing up the 4th week of my Thesis II course at SCAD and it’s time to update visual timeline and do an analysis of what I need to work on over the next 2 weeks for the 45-hour review and what I need to complete during the rest of this course, over the summer, and then during the final MFA thesis course which starts in September.  While the amount of work remaining is substantial, I like the progress that I have made in the current Thesis II course in regards to my thesis, abstract, bibliography, outline, and visual prototype work. I know the next two weeks preparing for the 45-hour review is going to be intense.

Remaining 45-Hour Review Tasks

  • Create a process book for Sarah’s Dream
  • Visual Component Sketches & Flowcharts
  • Update game board and environment model for the default iPad mode
  • Finish prototype UI gestures for the iPad
  • Create an AR mode to project the prototype on a table
  • Create a demo video of the prototype being played both in default and AR mode
  • Finalize the Bibliography and Outline.

I would also like to update Sarah’s Dream using Unity, new sprites, and make it playable on iPad.  However, I’m going to see if I can accomplish most if not all of the tasks above this week first and if I have time before the following week, I will attempt an update to this game.

Thesis Research Paper

I am very confident that I have the thesis, abstract, research/bibliography, and the outline is in the right place and I can start to work on the rough draft and have an initial rough draft completed before the end of Thesis II.  I still have a little more work to do to tighten up my research/bibliography in order to focus on my refined thesis, but the direction that I’m taking with focusing the thesis on how people learn how to play games and making this process easier with a digital solution gives me a good problem to debate and a strong foundation on the historical, analytical, and design aspects of the thesis.

Visual Component of the Thesis

My plan is while working on the rough draft between now and the end of the summer, I would want to try to finish 90% of the visual component before the end of the summer and before the final MFA Thesis course which starts in September.   If this works out, then I can spend the final thesis course working primarily on the paper, beta testing the visual component, and finalizing both before the end of the MFA course.  As you will see in the updated timeline below, I have added additional tasks and functions that will need to be completed.  I have also illustrated how most of the work will be accomplished over the summer.