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Reorganizing My Research

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While figuring out what my theoretical framework should be I realized that I needed to reorganize my list of research links on this website. I’ve collected a lot of articles and reference links from the early stages of my research till now and I find myself at the stage of writing my thesis paper and I need to narrow down my list of research references.  I didn’t want to put aside a majority of the research and instead, I wanted to organize it into the following categories:

  1. Thesis Bibliography
  2. Primary Research
  3. Secondary Research
  4. Artistic and Design Inspirations

The thesis bibliography is the place where I will be keeping track of all of the sources I will use and source for the thesis paper.  In the primary research, a bulk of the research that I will use as a resource while writing the paper, once I source or reference something from this list it will be moved to the thesis bibliography.  The secondary research contains articles and links that I have collected early on in my research and I don’t intend to include the research for the paper. Finally, the artistic and design inspirations is a list of articles and links to sites that I have been influenced both from an artistic and design perspective.  I expect that I will keep adding to this list for my own archival purposes and it’s possible that a few of these could be referenced in the final research paper.