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Passing the 45-Hour Review for MFA Candidacy


One of the significant milestones for a SCAD MFA student is to pass the 45-hour review.  Every MFA student needs to pass the review before registering for the final thesis course to complete the MFA program.  I am happy to say that I have passed the review and I’m looking forward to finishing my thesis between now and the next Fall!

One of the major components of the review was a review of my selected projects that I have completed at SCAD. I chose six projects that I feel are the best examples of the creative work that I have made while being an MFA student.  There were a few other projects that I debated on included but we were asked to limit it to six submissions, and I’m happy with the selection.  The one thing that I wasn’t fully prepared for this quarter was preparing the narratives and process books for each of my submissions.  I’m happy with the final submissions, and you can view them in the portfolio section of this website.

The other component of the review process was this MFA website and the work that I have done on my thesis up until this point.  I appreciate the feedback that I received from my professor this quarter in regards to tightening up my thesis statement, abstract, and theoretical framework.  I believe the work done in my Thesis II course has helped to give me an excellent foundation to finish my thesis paper and visual component.

Here is an excerpt of the summery that I submitted for my 45-hour review:

Thesis Statement:
Modern table-top games are complex because of emergent gameplay design. Digital versions
of table-top board games using three-dimensional models, gesture-based interactions, and
turn-based tutorials enable the new player to quickly learn these games to experience the
emergent gameplay with other players.

Thesis Website:

Thesis Blog:

Thesis Website Summary
My thesis website is organized into the following sections: Thesis, Research, Work Samples, About, and Thesis Blog. The thesis section contains pages for my Theoretical Framework, which includes my thesis statement, thesis abstract, and the theoretical framework for my thesis, the thesis outline, and visual prototype.

One the visual component page I have a summary of my process for creating the visual component, design sketches, work in progress images, and a web prototype to demonstrate the concept for the visual.

In the Research section of the website, I have organized my research by Working Thesis Bibliography, Primary and Supplemental Research, Table-top Game List, Game Design Videos, and Artist and Design Inspirations.

In the Portfolio section of the website, I have selected six projects from my SCAD
coursework that I would like to show as a demonstration of the creative work I have created in
my courses.

I have included process documents for each of the projects.

In the About section of the website, I have included a biographical page for myself and also my