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Working on the Thesis Rough Draft Online


A while back I started to write my thesis paper using Microsoft Word or Google Docs like I have done for many papers in the past but as I gathered research links and references and then archived those on this website, I thought it would be interesting to try to write my thesis paper on this site.  I’ve become pretty comfortable with WordPress, and since I use the Grammarly browser plugin for spelling and grammar checking, I thought that this could work. WordPress does an excellent job of saving drafts, and once I had the organization in place, it seemed to work well.

My initial concern was making a work-in-progress version of the thesis paper public on this site, but I have a disclaimer on each page that I can remove when it’s finished, so I think it works.  Also, I’m excited about doing for review purposes.  Once I have the full draft completed during the summer, I’m looking forward to inviting my advisors to take a look and give me feedback directly through the website.

Now, working through my second challenge, parsing through all of the research that I have collected (and continue to collect) and narrow that down for each section of the paper.  This has been more challenging than previous papers that I have written.  As you will see below and on the Thesis Paper section of this website, I have used the sections from my Outline as a working Table of Contents page.  I’m working on the first half of the paper (sections 1 to 7) which is more of the historical research and analysis section of the paper.  Once I have these in place, I will move onto the second half that focuses on the problem and solution that this thesis will illustrate.