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Testing Multi-Touch on iPad and iPhone


User interface gestures on touchscreen phones and tablets is a critical feature of the visual component that I’m developing for this thesis. Allowing the player to rotate the game board, zooming in and out, and pan around will enable the player to visually move around the board in a natural way that should help them understand the layout of the game board and see what is happening during the turns on the game.  However, getting this to work well will be a challenge.

Below is a video of the first version that I have running on an iPad and an iPhone.  The pinch/zoom and rotating the board is partially working, but panning the board is not yet working.   The pinch/zoom works ok, but I would also like to implement a way to change the angle of the camera as it’s zooming in, similar to how the desktop/web version currently works by using the scroll wheel.  The panning feature will probably be done using a three to four finger touch and drag.  Other games have used gesture modes that are turned on by pressing a UI button to accomplish these interactions.  I would like to avoid using UI buttons for the UI gestures so I will see how far I can script the combinations of touches and movements on the screen.