Dragon’s Claw Board Game

Design Narrative

Assignment Title: Project A: Part 4
Course: ITGM-705, Interactive Design/Media Applications
Instructor: Prof. David E. Meyers
Quarter: Fall 2014

Dragon’s Claw was designed and developed for Project A in ITGM-705, Interactive Design/Media Applications.  The objective of this assignment was to develop an original board game.  For this assignment, I wanted to design a game that simplifies and combines the mechanics of a dice-based board game, role-playing characteristics similar to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D),  creature cards of Magic the Gathering (MTG), and the map-based gameplay of online battle arena games (MOBA) like Dota 2.

Dragon’s Claw is a two to four person co-operative action-adventure board game. It is set in a mystical world filled with knights, sorcerers, monsters, and dragons.  The object of the game is to save the Kingdom by reaching the Dragon’s Den, inside of a castle that is protected by a dragon and retrieving the all-powerful Dragon’s Claw that will give you the power to rid the Kingdom of evil.  Players play the game by progressing over a grid-based board using dice rolls and character abilities.  Along, their journey over the board, they encounter a variety of randomly generated monsters that they will have to battle together to reach the endgame area where the Dragon resides.  

The initial idea for the project was to design a fantasy board game that would be engaging to a younger audience.  Dragon’s Claw is a game that can be embraced by a more youthful and an older audience at the same time. The design, prototyping, and play-testing phases of this project were very successful. Because of the research and testing during the play-testing, modifications have been made to the original game mechanics, and the result is a more interactive and engaging game to play.

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