Mocha Bean Game

Design Narrative

Assignment Title:
ITGM-715-OL: Project B & ITGM-749: Project C

ITGM-719-OL Scripting for Interactivity &
ITGM-749 – ITGM Portfolio and Business Practices

Instructor:  Prof. Nikhil J. Deshpande (715) & Prof. Jack Khouri (749)

Quarter: Winter 2014 & Winter 2016

Mocha Bean was created for Project C in ITGM-749.  For this assignment, the objective was to select a previous work, revise, polish it up, and update it.  I chose my Mocha Rush project which was created in ITGM-715. The objective of Project B in ITGM-715 was to create an interactive web animation or game. For this project, I chose to create a match three style game.  Mocha Rush is only playable only on the web, but I always thought of this style of game as a mobile app because match three games became very popular on iOS.  Then in ITGM-749, I was able to extend this game concept and develop a version of it using Unity and is playable on the iPhone.

Mocha Rush and Mocha Bean was designed with a coffee shop theme, and the purpose of the game will be to match 3 or more coffee icons within a grid.  The desire to build a game like this comes from my fascination with arrays of objects and probably spending too much time in coffee shops working on my grad work. The style of gameplay is very similar to the Bejeweled and Candy Crush games.  The object of the game is to match 3 of the same type either vertically or horizontally.  You can also score extra points matching special combinations. 

About Me

My name is Mark Koberlein and I have been a professional web designer, app developer, and instructor for about 13 years. I live in a small town next to Allentown, PA with my wife 2 daughters. My wife and I are avid gamers and movie watchers. I am currently a tenure-track Instructor in the Communication Design department at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem PA, where I teach courses in general computer graphics, web design, mobile applications, interactive design, server-side programming, and animation. I started this journey as an undergrad at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. For the first 2 years, I studied Computer Science and then changed my major to Religious Studies to finish my under-grad studies with a Bachelor of Arts. After college, I decided to not pursue the reli... Read More