Sarah’s Dream Game

Design Narrative

Assignment Title:  Final Project
Course:  ITGM-719-OL Scripting for Interactivity
Instructor:  Prof. Josephine Loeng
Quarter: Spring 2014

Sarah’s Dream was created for the final project in ITGM-719-OL Scripting for Interactivity.  For this assignment, the objective was to develop a multi-level digital game using Adobe Flash/Animate and ActionScript.  Sarah’s Dream is a 2D platformer (third-person) game that was inspired by games like Limbo and Braid.  The objective for the player is to collect keys in each level that will unlock a door to the next level. The player must avoid NPC enemy characters while navigating to the key in the level. If the player collides with an NPC, the player has to start at the beginning of the level and lose a dream life.

The premise for the game is a girl named Sara wakes up next to 3 doors.  To unlock all of her bad dreams, she must go through each door to get a key and bring it back to open the next door.  After she finishes all three levels, she will wake up in her bed to realize it was a dream.

The inspiration for this game came from my daughter. I am also a fan of 2D platformer games and wanted to see find out what it would take to program these types of game mechanics, without using a third-party game engine.  Sarah’s Dream follows the basic 2D platforming concepts of jumping on platforms, avoiding enemies, and collecting objects.  The setting for the game is inside of a dark dream, and because of this, a monochromatic color palette is used along with silhouetted characters, and dark textures for the environment. 

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