The Birds Title Sequence

Design Narrative

Assignment Title: Project C: Title Sequence
Course:  MOME-729
Instructor:  Prof. Dominique May Elliott
Quarter: Spring 2017

The Birds Title Sequence was created for my final project in MOME-729.  For this assignment, the objective was to create a title sequence for a classic movie.  We were given a list of 6 movies to select from, and I chose the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.  The Birds is a thriller style movie that has a very innocent feel for half of the film, but the drama and tension are ratcheted up during the second half of the movie.  The title sequence also tries to illustrate this changing perspective through the animation of the illustrations, the background music and sounds, and the movement of the type. 

In this title sequence, I wanted to illustrate the critical shots of the film in a stylized way that conveys a sense of what will take place in the movie without being too explicit about the characters or events that will take place later on in the film.  One of the inspirations for the style and animation was the title sequence for the film Catch Me If You Can. This sequence provides an illustrated look to some of the significant scenes of the movie with elegant transitions from shot to shot. 

The title sequence is primarily set in a 2D perspective with a flat and minimal color pallet.  The minimal color palette of blues, greys, and greens was selected to give a muted and flat look.  A 3D view will be used to emphasize a couple the transitions between shots.  Green screen footage of birds flying was used to provide animations of birds flying using a masked silhouette style.  There is a play on how the type is used around the environmental illustrations to use the positive and negative space within the shots.  The colors, shapes, and type are composited together with the intention to bring focus to the visual tension of the birds flying through each shot of the film.

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