The Box Animation

Design Narrative

Assignment Title: Project B –  Final Production
Course:  ANIM 705 – Animation Aesthetics/Practice
Instructor:  Prof. Jack Khouri
Quarter: Spring 2015

The Box short film was created for my final project in ANIM-705.  For this assignment, the objective was to create an animated short film.  The Box is a short story about a warehouse box that comes to life with the desire to find a better place for itself in the warehouse. An inspiration for this work was the animation of Pixar’s lamps in the short film Luxo Jr.  After seeing that, I have been fascinated by animations that brought inanimate objects to life. 

I always wanted to tell a basic story about a lonely box in a warehouse and the personal mission it has.  The box’s story starts off on the bottom floor of the warehouse—it’s cold, dark, and lonely.  The box looks up to see towers of other boxes. Near the top, lights make it look warm and comfortable.  The box wants to be in a better place, so it sets off on it’s journey to the top of the stack of boxes. 

The hero character in The Box is a basic 3-foot by a 3-foot wooden box.  The shape and size of the hero box will be very similar to the other boxes in the warehouse except for its surfaces and textures.  The hero box looks a lot darker, older, and worn, while the other boxes in the warehouse look a lot newer, younger, and fresh.  This conveys a sense that the hero box has been forgotten in the warehouse and it is in a place where it feels like it doesn’t belong. 

The animation was created using Photoshop, Maya, After Effects, and Premiere.  All of the elements in the animation, except for the wood box textures and background sound clip, were created for this short film.  

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