The Fountain Game Design Document

Design Narrative

Assignment Title: ITGM-706 Final Project
Course:  ITGM-706: Game Design Documentation
Instructor:  Prof. Greg Johnson
Quarter: Spring 2016

The Fountain Game Design Document (GDD) was created for my final project in ITGM-706.  For this assignment, the objective was to write a game design document for an original game idea. The Fountain is puzzle solving side-scrolling adventure game that drops the player into a multi-dimensional world of adventure and discovery in the role of the parents searching for their children who are lost in The Fountain. 

The inspiration for this game came from a novel trilogy, Fireflies, which my wife wrote. Fireflies is about a group of humans who become hosts for an alien race that enhance their physical bodies and afford special abilities. The primary objective the player(s) faces in the game is to find their lost children who have been transported to another time and dimension because of an alien artifact called, The Fountain. Although the game is linear in design, there will be some backtracking in the vein of a Metroid- style game.  This design style was also inspired by other 2D platforming games like Braid, Limbo, Super Meatboy, Fez, The Cave, and the Shadow Complex. 

In this game, the player(s) will be asked to choose to play as Aiden or Elizabeth, the parents. If playing single player, the player may alternate between Aiden and Elizabeth. The objective for the player(s) is to progress through the linear levels, avoiding obstacles, enemy NPC, and defeating a level boss to reach the fountain at the end of the level to be transported to the next level in a search for their lost children.  The game concludes with a final battle on board an alien ship where if the player(s) is successful they will find their children and their way back home. 

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