Primary Research

Digital vs Physical Board Games

Emergent Game Design

Game Theory and Board Game Design

Games and Learning

Board Game History

Companion Apps for Physical Board Games

Digital Board Games on Tablet and AR Interfaces

Usability of Touch Interfaces

Primary Research

This is a list of books, journals, web articles, and references I have selected as my primary research resources, which means that I will be using them as information resources for the writing of my thesis, but they may not be directly quoted, referenced, or sourced in the thesis. However, if they are refernenced in the thesis I will be moving them to my Working Bibiliography.

About Me

My name is Mark Koberlein and I have been a professional web designer, app developer, and instructor for about 13 years. I live in a small town next to Allentown, PA with my wife 2 daughters. My wife and I are avid gamers and movie watchers. I am currently a tenure-track Instructor in the Communication Design department at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem PA, where I teach courses in general computer graphics, web design, mobile applications, interactive design, server-side programming, and animation. I started this journey as an undergrad at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. For the first 2 years, I studied Computer Science and then changed my major to Religious Studies to finish my under-grad studies with a Bachelor of Arts. After college, I decided to not pursue the reli... Read More