Rough Draft
Please note that this thesis paper is just a rough draft and is currently a work in progress. The content on this page will probably be modified and may not be representative of the final version. Sources notes and references may not be final and placeholder text may be used and will later be replaced.
  1. 3D Environments
    1. Designing a physical board in a 3D environment
    2. Replicating physical game components with 3D models
      1. Dice
      2. Game Characters
      3. Game Cards
      4. Extra environmental components that will be on the game board such as i.e.  buildings, trees, rocks, or bridges
  2. User Interface Gestures for Tablets
    1. Swiping to roll dice.
    2. Touch and drag to move characters on the board
    3. Touch and drag to direct characters to interact with the environment or other characters
    4. Two finger pinch and zoom to change the display level of the board
    5. Touch and Drag to rotate the board in a three-dimensional space
  3. Automated In-Game Tutorials
    1. Gameplay demonstration using NPC characters and AI
    2. Simulated turns that allow for players to have agency within the game.
    3. Allow the player to rewind events and turns in the game







Thesis Work

This section of the website is where I am documenting the work on my thesis paper and visual component.

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