Rough Draft
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  1. Reasons for playing table-top games on digital devices
  2. Multiplayer vs. single player board games
  3. Gameplay mechanics of turn-based and real-time digital games
  4. Example Digital Board Games for Tablet Devices

Analysis of Digital Table-top Game Design

People play games for multiple reasons. Some play as a fun hobby or diversion, others enjoy the competitive or social aspects of playing games with other people, while some play games to challenge themselves by learning something new.  All of these reasons apply to both digital and table-top gaming but with table-top gaming, the social aspect, either casual or competitive, is one of the primary reasons why people game using cards or cardboard.  If social gaming is a foundation for table-top gaming can digital table-top games provide the same experience for the player?

Soren Johnson states that "if the physical components are not necessary, then what is the essence of a board game? Why do some games fall into this category and other games do not? Perhaps what defines board games is not their physical elements but their absolute transparency, a philosophy that all a game's rules should be visible." (1)

"The beauty of the iPad is that you could forget about it. Meaning that when you put an iPad between two players, the screen is so well done that you almost forget there are electronics behind that. When you sit down to play Small World on the iPad, you stop thinking about it as an iPad game and just think of it as Small World. In the future, the question of whether something is a 'board game' or an 'iPad app' or whatever it will be in the future becomes a meaningless question." (1)
-- Eric Hautemont, the founder, and CEO of the board game publisher Days of Wonder



  1. Johnson, Soren. "When Digital Versions of Board Games Surpass the Originals." Gamasutra. October 25, 2012. Accessed April 27, 2018. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/180018/

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